Date Night!

So we finally had a date night! In. Like. For. Everrrrr! We got a few hours to go to the movies with some friends. So much fun. We went to see the new Hunger Games movie. Now, I’m not into the hype of the Hunger Games and haven’t seen ANY of the movies in the series, but for someone who’ve never seen any of the prior installments, it wasn’t bad. I figure that the producers are following the same formula with the Harry Potter and Twilight movies: the last book a 2 part movie.

I am NOT a movie fanatic, and I cannot keep my attention on a movie long enough but I try. I don’t mind going to the movies, but I hate the overpriced items at the concession stand. Other than that it was enjoyable. It was nice to spend some alone time with Kevin without the kids. I told him that we really need to make an effort to keep it up. So next week for hour date night is going to my 10 year high school reunion!!

Avon’s Makeup Palette for Holiday 2014!!

40 beautiful shades! Create infinite looks with classic neutrals, rich jewel tones and sultry smoky shades or mix it up for your own custom creation! Cover is beautifully decorated. Comes in festive gift box. Perfectly sized to carry everywhere.
• 24 Eyeshadows,
each, .017 oz. net wt.
• 12 Lip Glosses,
each, .010 oz. net wt.
• 2 Blushes,
each, .109 oz. net wt.
• 2 Bronzers,
each, .109 oz. net wt.
• 1 Dual-ended eye applicator
• 1 Dual-ended lip applicator
• 1 Cheek applicator
• Mirror
A $60 Value!

All this for $24.99! Click on the picture to order yours!

Marriage Blues

Being a professional mom can be tough. Between handling housework and being there for my children, my relationship had really suffered with my husband. It seems like a fish bowl that I am in. My world is just children, church, and home; nothing new and nothing changing. You already know my frustrations with getting some alone time, yet it’s harder to spend it with my husband.

Feeling Alone When You Are Around People 24/7

So Kevin and I made the decision to make and devote more time to each other.

Latest Obsession: Crochet!

I am completely hooked on Crocheting and knitting. I have finished my 1st few projects.

Crocheted Hat and Scarf Set

I made a matching hat and scarf crocheted with mainly Double Crocheting stitches. This set is made for Little Kev.

20141120_200913 20141120_200922 20141120_200943

Kevin rocking his new hat and scarf set

wpid-img_20141116_183256.jpg wpid-wp-1416591320764.jpeg wpid-20141121_123310.jpg wpid-20141121_123743.jpg Hat and scarf showcasing the detail

Sashay Scarf

I had also did a sashay ruffled scarf that I knitted.

wpid-img_20141106_020344.jpg The finished product.

What I’m Working on Now

So my newest project is making a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Hat for Bassie. He’s going to have a Leonardo hat. I’m aiming for this:

tmnt crochet hat

Hopefully it turns out that way.

Juggling Motherhood and Real Estate


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